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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of costumes do you have?

Simply review the Costumes section to see what type of costumes are available. Use the search criteria to look for something specific or a certain size.  Alter Ego Costume Rental inventory is always evolving and diverse since it contains some unique hand-made costumes, professionally built costumes and store-bought costumes. The Gallery section of the website will show you real people in the costumes, as opposed to mannequins.


Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. Alter Ego Costume Rental does not have a store front, per se. Access to the costumes is by appointment only.


What is the rental process?

It’s easy!

  1. Review the Costumes section. 
  2. Call me and set up an appointment @ 705-845-1330 to try on the costumes you like.
  3. Rent whatever tickles your fancy by leaving a deposit and payment of rental.
  4. Return or arrange a pickup of the costume at the designated time/date discussed.


Can I alter the costume?

Alter Ego Costume Rental policies allow the renter to alter a costume to fit, however, it must be returned to its original condition. Costumes that are returned with alterations will be charged an alteration damage assessment to cover the labour costs to return the costume to its original size and/or pre-rental condition. This includes hems that are left in place following the costume use.


What is the cost of a costume rental?

Rental rates depend on the type of costume, age/condition of the costume, and the costume’s current replacement value. On average, costumes range from $25-$150 (not including additional pieces) depending on the quality.


How do I pay for my rental costume?

A security deposit is required at the time of the rental pull.  Alter Ego Costume Rental can accept payment by either cheque, cash, or e-transfer.


Can I rent props or additional accessories to enhance the costume?

Yes! Hats, masks, wigs, footwear, hoop skirts, special pieces and props are available to rent. If you don’t see something you are looking for, just as. I may not be shown in the Costumes section.


What are your sanitary policies for costumes?

All costumes are washed and/or sanitized between rentals. Additional attention is spent sanitizing masks, wigs, props and jewellery pieces for extra hygiene practices.


How long do I get to keep my rental?

Costume rental times vary depending on the time of year (i.e., Halloween). On average, the renter can obtain the costume for a minimum of 1 week. Rentals can also be returned sooner or later depending on what was discussed at the time of the rental. See the rental agreement for what was discussed.


I have lost a piece or several pieces of my rental. What do I do?

Return your costume on the designated return date and I we will HOLD your deposit until the piece(s) are returned. If you cannot return the pieces, you will be charged the security deposit or the price to replace any missing piece(s).  You will have 5 days to return any missing part of the costume. After that, the security deposit will be absorbed into the cost of the rental piece. Please be aware that there are some exceptions where the price for replacing missing pieces may exceed the security deposit.


When do I pay for my costume rental and deposit?

A security deposit must be paid if you want to reserve a costume. The rental fee is due upon costume pick-up. Please be aware that there will be NO REFUNDS. ALL RENTAL FEES and DEPOSITS must be paid before the costume is left in your care.


What is your return/late policy?

If costumes are not returned on the date discussed at the time of rental, a fee of $10/day may be charged until the costume is returned.


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